Mind Above Heart


When your heart says yes but your mind says no,
or maybe it is the other way around.

I am talking about a relationship that you are being compelled to stay in. There is an invisible connection that keeps you bound to the person. A connection that seemed to grow in strength with every passing day. You question the uncertainty, and wondered what drove your hearts lust. The timing is impeccable, yet an unforeseen change in events created distance. Should you go or should you stay?

The heart wants what the mind cannot.

This is a situational dilemma of a compulsive worrier, worrying about the fate of her future. Anxiety builds over the uncertainty that the future holds. She becomes head above heart over the things she has little control over. The best solution is to allow time to unfold as it should. To take each day, as what it is, and to allow the universe decide her fate.

What is the point to succumb to worry, over things she has little or no control over?

The most sound and logical solution is to let go, not because she doesn’t care,
but because she deserves peace.

Practice mindfulness. It alleviates the tension that builds within her mind. Living in the present moment, and feeling the energy that surrounds her.

Be grateful. Life has given so many opportunities to be thankful for. The universe is reciprocal in nature. It gives what it receives.

What is meant to be, will be.

Be humble. Be kind.

This is a true story!

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